About Us

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paintball4Gulf Coast Paintball is the only place in Slidell to experience the sport of paintball in a safe professional environment. All our referees are trained and every person playing at Gulf Coast Paintball will be given an extensive safety briefing and detailed instructions on the use of their rental equipment. All games at Gulf Coast Paintball will be organized and overseen by a Gulf Coast referee. Unofficiated games are prohibited.


Gulf Coast Paintball is a barrel covers only field. No other form of barrel block is acceptable.


Gulf Coast Paintball is a Field Paint Only Facility. We go to extreme lengths and take pride in providing our customers with the most consistent paintballs available. Our paintballs are stored in an air-conditioned climate controlled environment ensuring the quality of the ball. Anyone caught using outside paintballs will possibly be asked to leave and all outside paintballs will be confiscated.