Birthday Parties


If you’re the one in charge of coming up with the Slidell Birthday Party Ideas – you’re in luck. The best Idea for a Birthday Party is to have a Paintball Party! If you never thought of the Paintball Birthday Party before, they are easy to organize, inexpensive, great for virtually all ages, totally different, and folks love the idea!

Paintball Birthday Party
Paintball! So what kid does not want to shoot their sister, brother, or friend on their birthday! What a great Birthday Party Idea… Let the games begin! Paintball is actually a very safe activity. And by planning your Birthday Party at Gulf Coast Paintball, you don’t have to worry about a boring birthday party! This party will be talked about until next years party.

And don’t get stuck with the Idea that a Paintball Party is just for the little kids… We have Birthday Party events all the time for folks that are in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s! It’s the perfect idea for a Birthday Party for kids of all ages!

What’s Included in the Birthday Party Packages?
Actually, it’s very simple at Gulf Coast Paintball. We are going to take care of everything to play paintball. Whatever you want to do to make it a party – you just help yourself! Some groups just come play paintball. Others want to cover the table, bring a cake, have presents, bring balloons, etc. You do it however you want. There is no extra charge – no extra hassle. Bring whatever you want, we’ll take care of the paintball end of things and clean up the mess when it’s over!

We have items you can buy here, like snacks, soda, etc, but we don’t put any limitation on anything you want to bring in. We have a menu here for a pizza place that delivers. Bring in your own cooler, bring munchies if you wish. Anything you want to do to make it your party – we’re OK with! (except no alcohol allowed)

What’s the pricing?
All our pricing is just on a per person basis. You can see all the prices on the Pricing Page, but in a nut shell, you pay $34.99 per person which includes all the equipment, gun, tank, free air fills, safety goggles and 500 paintballs for each player. Then just buy more if you decide to stay longer. Or take advantage of the special $25 per person deal you can purchase as you check out which comes with all the equipment and 100 paintballs each.

Can we reserve a table?
That is automatically done for you when you do your on-line reservation.

Free Gulf Coast Paintball Birthday Party Gift
Our Free Birthday Gift for your Child!
We want to make this a day for your child to remember so we want to toss in a free gift for him or her.

Some Points to Remember for your Birthday Party!
At Gulf Coast Paintball kids as young as 6 can play, but any player below the age of 18 will need a signed parental consent form. Now you can do your waivers in advance by using our On Line Waivers. And kids need to be mature enough to follow the safety rules, and large enough to handle the equipment. Some fields have a minimum age of 10, but we have just brought in some new guns, known as 50 caliber paintball guns that are much smaller to hold, and the paintballs have about 1/3 the impact, so even kids who are 6, 7, etc can enjoy a paintball party!

But if you have older kids and they want the standard size paintball guns, No Problem! We also have those available.

Tell all the kids invited to the birthday parties to dress in loose fitting, comfortable clothes with full coverage – and a bit of padding is good. For example, sweatshirts or hooded sweatshirts work out great.

If any of the kids, or parents have any questions, just point them to our pages, and invite them to give us a call if they need any additional information.


Advanced reservations required.
A $100 deposit will be required at time of reservation.

Birthday person receives a FREE package

Minimum age to play is 6 years old.
All players must sign a waiver to play.
Players under eighteen (18) must have their parent’s signature.


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